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Natures Only is a leading global innovator of food supplements - delivers proprietary clinical nutrition products for all age groups, including women and children. Key therapeutic areas include bone/joint, heart, digestive, diabetes, eye-care, beauty, and women’s health.

Natures Only has been trusted worldwide by the health - conscious people. We at Natures Only use only the purest, most effective and natural ingredients and combine them with current scientific research to create cutting-edge formulae. Product quality is ensured by a total control over every step of the production process from procurement to packaging. All manufacturing steps meet GMP requirements and are approved by ISO 14001, ISO 22000, BRC, Halal, Kosher, Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing Therapeutic Goods Administration, Health Canada and, Danish Health and Medicines Authority. The process ensures no heavy metals, fungus, or contaminants. We guarantee a healthy product that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Our goal is to make progress in healthcare, improve quality-of-life, create long- term value for patients, employees, and all stakeholders, and take part in sustainable development of healthcare in Iran using knowledge, talent, resources, and capabilities with respect to ethical and professional considerations.

For several decades, Natures Only and its associates have served the healthcare industry with high quality products, service, and technology. With a better understanding of Nature with Science, we focus on manufacturing and marketing formulations of the highest quality as per the international standards.


Ginseng, Guarana & B vitamins

Combination of Guarana, Ginseng , Taurine & B-complex vitamins


Combination of Guarana, Ginseng , Taurine & B-complex vitamins


Has immunobooster & antioxidant action
Helps faster recovery from an illness or medical treatment


Reduces fatigue of varied etiology; helps improves mental physical performance


Ginseng, Guarana & B vitamins

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

Double Bull, your daily recharge, is a combination of Vitamins, Taurine, Guarana seed extract providing caffeine and Ginseng in appropriate concentrations. It helps in improve physical and mental performance prevents stress & fatigue and helps in improving overall health and vitality. Double Bull contains Ginseng which helps increase the utilization of oxygen in our body. As a result, you won’t experience the conditions that are typical to weakness, fatigue and tiredness. You will, in fact, feel fit and active all day long.

Ginseng is a 5000 year old, world-renowned natural herb which is often called a “wonder herb”. It keeps us healthy, active and alert throughout the day. Ginseng is an excellent “adaptogen” and is known to adapt to the body’s needs. It has been proved to reduce fatigue by reducing lactic acid formation and improving circulation. It also helps improve sleep and reduce anxiety. It keeps us active and alert and helps to overcome physical and mental stress. Also, it helps in improving mental concentration.

Even if you are healthy, you can take Double Bull as it gives Taurine, Guarana seed extract providing caffeine and Ginseng with relevant vitamins your body needs for daily stressed work. These days we are so stressed due to work/life imbalance, so we all need Double Bull to stay physically fit and mentally active to cope up with these stress.

No, Double Bull is safe when consumed as per direction and dosage

You may take Double Bull on your own but if you feel you may ask the doctor.

Yes, this product with its ingredients help fight fatigue.


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